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When we use electrical equipments, having a high voltage stabilizer is very essential. This is used to automatically keep a constant voltage level. The high voltage stabilizer may be used to maintain AC and DC current and this depends on how it is designed.

When there is fluctuation in the electric current, the high voltage stabilizer is used to maintain an AC output that is nearly the level of the normal mains voltage. Thus it helps to regulate the mains in the homes. In a voltage stabilizer, the position of the tap or the wiper is controlled by the servo mechanism. This is generally done with a motor. When the voltage in the mains increases, the output increases and this makes the tap or wiper move in the direction that lowers the output towards the nominal voltage.

The modern world cannot survive without electricity. Uninterrupted power supply is a must when many modern types of equipment are used. If there is break in the power supply some instruments might crash. Some might not work properly after the interruption in power. When there are power surges and voltage fluctuations, the sensitive equipments might give out data processing errors. So, a good high voltage stabilizer is a must. Many equipment manufacturers insist that the instruments that they supply must have good mains constant power supply.

A good quality high voltage stabilizer should have these features.

1. The stabilizer should be able to handle voltage surges and background noise caused by disturbances. It should also safeguards against voltage spikes. All this can affect the running of the instruments.

2. The voltage stabilizer should be able to handle overload if there is any. So it should give overload protection.

3. t should have a phase sensing device which will be able to sense the phase and cut off the power to that particular phase automatically, if there is any problem.

4. When any equipment is turned on, there is always a surge of current. This inrush current is high and the equipment could be damaged. To avoid this, a timer gives some time before the power is connected to the load.

5. If the output voltage is outside the rated output range then, the stabilizer will automatically cut off the power supply. This is to make sure that the instruments have stabilized voltage.

Thus voltage stabilizers are very useful. They are economical. They are also smooth, constant and reliable. They are available in compact sizes and have a long life. They are useful in many industries, commerce, mining, aerospace, telecommunications and computers. Even households depend on electrical equipments such as the refrigerator, the air conditioner, the television and the computer where high voltage stabilizers are useful.

So, high voltage stabilizers help in keeping the equipments in good working conditions, without them breaking down. The existing transformers and cables can be used in a better way because of the stabilizer. Since the voltage is maintained, the industries will be able to function well and have better productivity and profits.

High voltage stabilizers give us the advantage of mainly having uninterrupted power. This is great boon in times when there is always a fear of equipment failure or breakdown due to power surges or power spikes. In this modern age when we depend on electricity and electronic equipments all the time, stabilizers are a necessity. When we depend on computers for our work, stabilizers help us in keeping our records and data intact. So a high voltage stabilizer gives us so many advantages it is very essential to have them.