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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Power Partners purchases certain transformers from Kuhlman

Power Partners Inc. is planning to purchase certain transformer products from Kuhlman Electric Corp in Versailles. Power Partners has its unit in Athens and manufactures both electric transformers and solar water heaters. Power partner will purchase single, three phase and submersible transformer from Kuhlman Electric Corp. Power partner has signed an agreement with ABB to purchase certain transformer product lines from Kuhlman. Power partners will move these transformers as soon as possible to Athens. Power partners, Kuhlman Electric and ABB will remain separate entities. This acquisition will allow power partners to increase its customer base for single, three phase and submersible transformers. Power Partners CEO Steve Hollis said "We purchased that part of Kuhlman's that relates to products we produce and one we don't (produce)." ABB sold the Athens pole transformer business to power partners in May 2003 and now is the manufacturer's representative and distributor for power partner products. ABB acquired Kuhlman in 2008. Westinghouse built the Athens plant in 1958 to make electrical transformers. In 1990 they sold this plant to ABB, who further sold it in 2002 to Hollis and Sherrie Ford. They changed the name to power partners in 2003.

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