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Benefits Offered By Transformer

There are different kinds of transformer available in the market, especially designed to meet the requirements of the customer. Some of the transformer is current transformer, power transformer, electric transformer and many other kinds. This entire transformer provides wide number of uses and benefits to the people using it. Some of the transformer is power transformer, secondary transformer, isolation transformer , the shield transformer, audio transformer and radio frequency transformer.

  • The Power transformer comes up with wide benefits and offers different types of uses in an economical way. The main benefits derived from power transformer is that, power transformer operates at 50 to 400 Hz at nominal voltage from 105 to 130 v.
  • The audio transformer offers matching electrical characteristics of an output amplifier to that of any load speaker. The audio transformer comprises of voice communication and operates at 200 to 500 Hz.
  • Pulse transformer comes up with uses of generating and transmitting of square wave pulses with high frequency response.
  • Auto transformer are smaller transformer which provides advantage by way of offering transformer in less pricey and they are in fixed and variable step up.
  • The uses of isolation transformer are one-to-one ratio between primary and secondary and isolate the line from the secondary load.
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